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When you have suffered job loss, serious illness or other unanticipated economic hardships, you may feel that you lack a realistic chance of preventing the bank from taking your family home.  Ironically, this misconception by property owners may be the biggest obstacle many face because it delays homeowners from seeking legal advice to discover their legal rights and options.  There are many strategies that our law firm utilizes to protect our clients from the loss of their real property.

At Consumer Relief Attorneys, our attorneys are committed to effectively pursuing customized foreclosure relief solutions for families and individuals throughout the U.S. We offer a free consultation to prospective clients so that we can evaluate your situation and aggressively pursue effective implementation of your mortgage foreclosure defense strategy. We offer a wide range of approaches to assisting families in protecting one of their most valuable assets, including but not limited to the following:

  • Challenging banks to produce all documentation in foreclosure defense hearings
  • Assisting homeowners with negotiating and obtaining loan modifications
  • Proving fraud, misrepresentation or other improper practices
  • Providing assistance with non-bankruptcy alternatives to foreclosure, such as a deed in lieu or short sales
  • Negotiating with creditors or your lender to obtain a more workable payment plan and increased cash flow

Customized Solutions for Property Owners Facing Foreclosure

The key takeaway from the list of options above is that homeowners facing foreclosure have several of options that may be utilized to avoid or delay foreclosure. This may alleviate some of the adverse consequences of a foreclosure, including exposure to a deficiency judgment or placement of a foreclosure on your credit report. Depending on the precise nature of the security interest and loan on your property, a successful foreclosure against your home may not be the end of the story. If you owe substantially more than the value of the property, which is a common situation since the mortgage meltdown, the bank may under certain circumstances pursue you for the difference between the proceeds from sale of the home and the outstanding balance of your loan.

There are some cases where keeping a residential or commercial property may not make economic sense if it has significant negative equity. When you owe substantially more than real property is worth, a “strategic walkaway” may be the best economic strategy so we can also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such an alternative. Because such an approach can have dire consequences in terms of credit, tax liability and exposure to a deficiency judgment, we carefully explain these risks and advise our clients so that they can make an informed decision regarding the best option given their unique circumstances.

We have successfully helped many homeowners across the country delay the foreclosure process so that they remain in their home for months or years. Because mistakes and fraud are prevalent in the mortgage industry, you should speak with Consumer Relief Attorneys before conceding that the bank has the right to take your home. We invite you to contact us to schedule a free consultation to learn about your rights and options today!